Making a Private Blog Network

PBN or a private blog network is a set of domains, which you own or another person owns that are used to enhance ranking in Google search. You can have a PBN that consist of free blogs. Generally, all the free blog domains have little power compared to the self hosted blogs. Mostly, an expired domain name or a former operating domain name that had its content and webmaster to care for it makes a PBN. In fact, the webmaster might have created a very nice website, which highly generated traffic and had website links to the domain. The webmaster may have decided to drop the domain name for whatever reason and therefore left it to expire. When a domain has expired, you can easily purchase it for only US $10-$15.

In contrast, initially there were public blog networks in pre-Panda and pre-Penguin age. The public networks allowed the general public to purchase guest posts or links. De-indexing of networks totally removed the value that backlinks provided to websites. The public blog networks were easier to identify and moreover their de-indexing was easier since anyone could access them.

Why a private blog network

With a PBN, you will control your content and any links within your domain. This way, you can easily create or even alter your content such that it specifically fits to your niche. In addition, you can create and also alter any anchor text that directly link to the website. An anchor text is the texts that appear in hyperlinks. In other words, it is the link that you click on to go to a different page or site. An expired domain may pass along quite a good amount of link juice or ranking power with any website with a link from it.

Why expired domains have more authority

There are two main reasons why an expired domain can pass more link juice. First, major search engines places some value depending on the age of your domain. For example, if you found an expired domain that have been present since the year 2007, then the domain is more authoritative than a domain created in the year 2015.

The second reason is that an expired domain may have more link juice. A backlink profile is the typical makeup of the backlinks to a domain. The backlink profile considers several things which include;

• The backlinks number
• The linking domain number
• The number of the linking IP addresses
• Link location on a page or a post
• The link anchor text
• The link’s title tag
• If the link originates from an image
• If the link appears in comments
• Is the link no-follow or do-follow?

Ideally, any person would like to see at least 10 natural links from a related website. For example, if the website is about health and fitness, individuals would hope to see links from the other health and fitness blogs with changing anchor text. Such a blog is ideal to experience higher authority and quality websites that directly link to the expired domain.

How to find an expired domain

Finding a quality expired domain is a hard and also complicated task. However, there are sites that will offer you the task and assist you to get one cheaply. There are some which are totally free while others will charge you for the service.

There are individuals who may find a domain and register it. Then they create content, build a standing site, the host and also manage it. This way you can enjoy the benefits of a PBN without spending time searching for domains, finding separate hosting for all and then building the sites. To benefit from the service, you may have to wait, but not for long.

Tips and tricks

Here are the few things you should keep in mind while searching for a PBN

The IP address and hosting

Ensure that all the domains in the PBN you have selected have separate IP addresses. If all your domains are on one IP address, it is possible that only one person owns the domains. For the major search engines, this might be an indication of backlinks collusion. The most important purpose of having separate IP addresses is minimizing the networks foot prints. Just like anyone else, you would like to setup your IP address in such a way that you will reduce the possibility of a search engine or any person recognizing your PBN.

Importance of separating the IP addresses

An IP address can reveal the footprint or the evidence of your PBN network. Identifying a PBN is very easy incase there are 14 valuable links to a money site and from 14 domains with same IP addresses. But if you have 14 quality links to your money and from 14 domains with 13 separate IP addresses, this can not raise any red flags as it is more believable.

Getting a different IP addresses for your blog is the hardest part of creating your PBN. There are some SEO hosting services that will provide you with different IP addresses. However, this is not the best idea. Most individuals with domains hosted with a SEO company will have their private blog networks there. This means that search engines will easily detect large numbers of backlinks originating from many domains in circles of IPs and yours included.

What should you do for hosting?

• The content theme

Your content should stand up as unique. It should be original and also not published in any other place. The content should be well written and fit in with the topic on the previous page of your website. Always ensure that your content stands out to be natural.

• Outbound links

Outbound links are the major reason as to why you had to start the PBN. With a PBN, you will have back links from authoritative expired domains and which point directly into your money site. But you have to apply this links wisely and use them with caution throughout the process. Only one article should point to your money site. Having many articles pointing to your domain will look unnatural. You can consider having a maximum two articles pointing to your money site. Considering the outbound links will definitely improve the viewership of your private blog.

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