Step By Step Guide On How To build a Private Blog Network

SEOBuilding a successful private blog network is not an easy task. However, if you follow the following steps, you will be assured to make a successful network.

Buying Domain Names

This the most important step when building your private network blog. Look for domains which have an existing link profile, with age as well as good google history. There are many resources you can use to find and acquire quality domain names as well as search for expiring, expired and auction domains. The DomainHaul and the are among the best resources.

DomainHaul is best when it comes to finding premium domain names for your PBN. Its interface is easy to use and you can categorize into various metrics such as mistrust, TLD, Domain & Page Authority and Trust & Citation Flow. Once you have created your free account, you can access stock of domains and there is no monthly fee for access.

The has the largest source of free information as well as a very powerful filter or search capabilities. It has different options of finding domains like GoDaddy auctions, free to register expired domains, in addition to neat filters like Majestic Trust Flow and a minimum Moz Domain Authority.

Applying Filters

There are 3 types of filters: the common filter, the additional filter and AdWords & SEO filter. The common filter allows you to define Domain Length, PageRank with or without numbers and hyphens. The additional filter allows you to select only domains that are available to register. If not selected, auction and closeout domains would be returned.

AdWords & SEO filter is more powerful in this area. You have the ability to search on both Moz Domain/Page Authority and Majestic Trust Flow. In addition, it has an option to look for domains which include keywords, where those keyword receive at least the number of Exact Match Searches.

Choosing the Right Domain Names?

When looking for a right domain you need to look at these factors A good domain must have relevance and authority. This important for your search engine ranking. Choosing a relevant domain can be challenging, but the inclusion of the title of your site in the domain can be really vital. Backlinks is also feature for a good domain. They can show you if you are buying quality sites or are spammy links. Additionally, look at the price of the domain. Domains with a PA of 30+, with a clean link profile sell for between $150-$400 depending on the link profile.

Registering and Registrars

Use different registrars other than NameCheap and GoDaddy. Mixing up registrars significantly reduces any footprint your site may have and makes it difficult for the powers that be to find your network and de-index it. Also, you can combine both fake privacy protection and registrar. Some of registrars include GoDaddy, NameCheap,,Bluehost,Hostgator, Fasthosts and 123-Reg.


This step is a challenge to many. You need to keep it simple or you can get lost in a tangle of password and username, and more important, loss focus on vital matter-ranking of your website.

The key requirement in this step is the Unique Class-C IP’s. Your website needs backlinks from other websites for high Google ranking. These links act like a vote for your website, the more unique votes you have, the higher you will appear in the SERP’s.

To get these unique links to your private blog network, you need to ensure that a domain you own appears to be a stand-alone website, not linked to any of your other sites. To do this, make sure, the hosting provider offers you a unique class-c IP’s.

Although many prefer the SEO hosting company for hosting, domains, it’s not the best private blog network blog. One of the best hosting company for private blog new work is HostNine due to its unique features that favors private blogs.

After you have chosen your hosting company, you can now start managing your blog. You can simply use your VA and Excel spreadsheet.

Writing Content

Recently when writing content for an emergency medical education company we had to make a lot of articles related to CPR, ACLS, PALS, BLS, and other life saving courses. If you’re wanting to see our work in that area follow this link here.

To have a good content for your website, your content need to meet the following rules..

1.300-800 words in length

  1. Contain an image, video, visual reference or opt-in form.
  2. Link out to other authority sites within the same niche.
  3. Quote facts and statements or figures or made by other people.
  4. Do not target keyword.

Now, you can hire VA Writer form Odesk, Elance or Guru. Come up with articles or topics that fit the niche and links you are building. Send the VA writer the instructions along with a deadline.

Then, add your links to your money site in the articles. Make sure you vary the anchor text, link out to other authority sites and add video or images where possible. You can allow the articles with links to roll off the homepage.

Link Building

The important thing to remember, do not overdo linking to your money site. Linking to your own website on the homepage is enough. To stay ahead of the game where Google Algorithm updates are concerned, do the following anchor text variation.

  1. Use different anchor text for each link.
  2. Avoid exact match keyword anchor.
  3. Use longer tail related anchor text.
  4. Utilize Brand or URL anchor text.

By doing this you will avoid anything from looking spammy and increase impact of your links. Also, place links to other relevant websites to improve on the sites ’natural looking’ link profile and articles.


According to the recent test, there is little or no impact of linking to your site more than once from a PBN domain. Furthermore, using a keyword related to anchor text is much better than using exact match anchor text. This will help you avoid future Google algorithm updates as your backlink profile will look much more natural as well as your PBN sites outbound link profiles will a look less spammy and more natural.

In conclusion, follow these 5 golden rules when building your Private Blog Network and your website will be a very powerful resource.

a). Never Interlink your network sites.

b). Link your site 3 times to homepage with varied anchor text.

c). Don’t use spun content.

d). Add other authority outbound links to your articles.

e). Don’t sell links on your sites.

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